15 great animated gifs on Dribbble

Written on 24 September 2013, 10:06pm under Roundups

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Dribbble is a really great place to get exposure as a designer. It’s also a really good place to showcase your animation and motion graphics skills. Here’s some great examples of how a simple looping gif can quickly demonstrate the feeling of an animation.

Palisade Animation by J.R. Schmidt

Hypercompact Animated 3D Logotype by Evgeny Skidanov

Still I Breathe Animated Scene 02 by Zach Lydon

Tears by Seth Eckert

Cameras Animated GIF by Fraser Davidson

Contestants Animated by Fraser Davidson

Bike GIF by Michael Sungaila

Cypher Animation 2 by Nicolas Girard

Dribbble Gif by Steffen Lyhne

ImGame – Character Video by Joshua Corliss

Corner Shop Animation by Motion Authors

Pixel Pulsar by Steffen Lyhne

High Five by Markus Magnusson

Taking Other People’s Land by Force by Fraser Davidson

Molly And Ray GIF by Other Peter

Of course there a lot more of great gifs on Dribbble (and everywhere else as well). Is there one you think should’ve been in this list? Post it in the comments.

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